our story

Galiano is a beautiful island located in the Salish Sea with a dynamic, creative and resilient community. Over the years, residents have come together to support both the environment and the people who live here. We have raised funds to purchase both Mount Galiano and Bodega Ridge; established the Galiano Conservancy Association, which has been a model to similar organizations near and far; built the Health Care Centre, the Library, and the Museum: nurtured a thriving arts community; and created and run numerous other organizations to support one another.

Yet, over the past decades, many Galiano residents including singles, couples, families and seniors have had no choice but to leave the island for lack of secure housing. Some of these residents grew up on Galiano. Many had spent years here and had become deeply involved in work, school, and volunteer activities.

For more than three decades, many on Galiano have recognized the real need for affordable and secure housing on our island. A number of organizations and societies have tried to make this happen over the years. Page Drive has been a huge success supporting our seniors with 16 purpose built homes, but to date no other community homes have been built.

In 2018, the CRD completed a “Housing Needs Assessment – Southern Gulf Islands”, where Galiano was identified as needing approximately 70 long-term affordable rental homes. Building these homes on Galiano will provide stabilization for low to moderate income households, be they individuals, young families, seniors, or others.

Southern Gulf islands Housing Needs Assessment (2018)

our society

In May 2018, a group of concerned Galiano citizens formed a working committee to explore the development of affordable rental housing on Galiano.  Recognizing the essential need to address the shortage of affordable homes and to support a viable and dynamic year round community, the volunteer board of Gulf Islands Galisle Affordable Housing Society (GIGARHS) was formed in September 2018.

our vision

We are committed to working towards providing secure and affordable rental housing for Galiano residents of all ages, from young families to seniors, in low-to-moderate income households.

Purpose of the Society

To build and manage affordable
rental housing.

To advocate for affordable
rental housing.


Our 2020 Board members

Lisa Gauvreau


George Harris

Vice President

Lauren Magner


Colleen Doty


Joanne Randle


Geoff Inverarity



We are exploring a number of funding opportunities, through both government and private sectors, to cover the costs of both construction and operations.  To cover the balance, we will also need to secure a mortgage, likely through CMHC, which will need to be serviced with rental income upon completion of the project.  To keep rents affordable, it’s essential to minimize project costs wherever possible.  Obtaining low cost land is a vital piece of the puzzle.

Community Engagement

Right now, we are in the Local Trust Committee rezoning process. There are numerous opportunities for community members to have their say about the project.

Get Involved

We welcome hearing your questions, concerns and ideas anytime. Please reach out to us through our contact form.


We would love to have you join our efforts by helping with research, fundraising, writing letters of support, spreading the word and anything else you can offer.


Financial donations and gifts in kind are always welcome and gratefully appreciated. We expect to be able to issue charitable tax receipts in the very near future.